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Aerotrade and it's associate companies participate in selling of commercial aircraft. We are always ready to provide prospective customers with the information and support they need to purchase or to lease an aircraft. Upon customer request and authorization, Aerotrade can act on your behalf to negotiate with an aircraft's owner, perform the required maintenance as is mandated by FAA rules, close the deal, get the contract signed and complete the required documentation all under the guidance of an Aerotrade associated attorney. Each step follows the investor's needs and priority requirements.

Aerotrade is ready at any time to cooperate with interested parties from anywhere in the world.

Contact Information


555 house road RENLY, 27407


Jamal E Eldawi

Manager & QC Inspector
Email: jeldawi1944@hotmail.com
Phone:(336) 253-6906

Al-Hadi M Margan

Manager Avionics Consultant
Public Relation Rep.
Phone: (919) 348-6580

Francis E Iniekpo

Manager Marketing
Email: francis@femagroup.com
Phone: (210) 609-8039