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Aerotrade will supply customers with what they need upon their request.

We want to honor CEO & President Jamal E. Eldawi for Excellence in Leadership and Management. Thank you!

Aerotrade is a multi-business company, providing a wide range of technical maintenance and engineering services in all areas to airlines, repair stations, engine overhaul/build-up shops, landing gear shops, accessory shops and structure/sheet metal shops. We support all areas of aircraft structure, including major repair, modification and alteration as well as aircraft systems accessories, components overhaul, aircraft flight controls and surfaces and engine pylons overhaul.

Aerotrade services also include providing commercial aircraft for sale to interested parties from airlines or the private sector. Upon receiving your letter of intent authorizing Aerotrade to act on behalf of your company, we will move ahead quickly to negotiate the deal with the aircraft's owner, get the contract signed, and complete the required paperwork processing. All phases of the sale will be followed and finalized by an Aerotrade associated attorney. He is knowledgeable in aviation industry matters concerning the regulation of aircraft purchase, money transaction and trading with local customers and with foreign countries.

Contact Information

4642 Brompton Drive
Greensboro, North Carolina 27407


(210) 579-1069


Email Contact

Jamal E. Eldawi
Managing Director/CEO
Email: jamal@aerotrade.us
Cel +336.253.6906

Francis E. Iniekpo
Director of Aircrafts Sales/CFO
Email: francis@aerotrade.us
Cel + 210.669.8039

John Gramlick
Director of Operations/coo

Emad H. Saad
Director of Marketing

Saber Muftah
Aerotrade Company Representative in Middle East